2021 World Knife Throwing Championships

The 2021 World Knife Throwing Championships will be taking place from December 10th – December 12th in Fort Worth, Texas.

Throwers are competing for the title of World Knife Throwing Champion and a $5,000 prize pool!

The World Knife Throwing Championships will consist of:

  • 11 Throwers per WKTL Season who earned their bid to Worlds from league play.
    • There are still 11 more WKTC bids to be won through the WKTL Fall League.
  • The top 10 finishers at the US Open
  • 32 Players from the WKTL Open Qualifiers

The Event

The World Knife Throwing Championships will be held in conjunction with the World Axe Throwing Championships.

WKTL and WATL Events will be taking place across Fort Worth


Event Schedule

Locations of Events TBA


12PM – WKTL  

6PM – Big Axe


9AM – Hatchet

3PM – Duals


ESPN Finals

6PM– Thrower’s Ball


There will be a $5,000 Prize Pool for the 2021 WKTC.

3rd – 4th
Tied for 3rd
(2nd At Venue)
5th – 6th
Tied for 5th
(3rd At Venue)
7th – 8th
Tied for 7th
(4th At Venue)
9th – 12th
Tied for 9th
(5th At Venue)

Entry Fees


Mask Policy

Players and spectators will be required to wear CDC-approved masks at WATL/WKTC events.

Masks are a precautionary measure; due to the rapidly changing circumstances surrounding Covid-19, our mask policy may be subject to change.


An update regarding spectator ticketing at WATL/WKTC will be announced shortly.

Those who are competing in the WATL/WKTC will not require tickets to

WATL/WKTC events.

WKTC Jerseys

Starting at the 2021 World Knife Throwing Championships, Throwers are allowed up to four Sponsors on their Jersey.

For full information regarding Sponsorships at the WKTC, please see the link above.

If you have sponsors that were approved for the 2021 US Open, they do not need to be resubmitted. To approve all other sponsors please submit through the link below as soon as your sponsors are available.

Thrower’s Ball

Finish out the weekend with the Thrower’s Ball, the final event of the WKTL/WATL Year.

Celebrate with a night of camaraderie, dinner, dancing and a live presentation of Awards.

The Thrower’s Ball will be a celebration of the tremendous year we have had, and a preview of the year to come.

The Thrower’s Ball will be held at Billy Bob’s Texas on Sunday, December 12th.

Pricing and Ticket Information will be released shortly.

Seats will be limited.


WKTC Bid Winners

Travis Blank
Michael Dixon
Tyler Flynn
Sam Newman
Steve Middleton
Trent Lilly
Brandon Johnson
Brett Williamson
Shane Shep
Thomas Corey
Mikel Philabaum
Joe Flaugher
David Guentert
Kyle Rickenbaugh
Scott Gardner
Jonny Tran
Ray Siochowicz
Dale Fowler
Michael Dolan
Dustin Rose
Kyle Bower
Austin Bock
Brian Buchanan
John Doepke
Billy Erkelens
Josh Westphal
Brad Cole
Andy Rice
Alan Thompson
Kelly Butler
James Ruddy
Vail Cook
Joshua Taylor
Kev Fang
Lucas Johnson
Scott Phillips
Shane Feikema
Mat Ball
Benjamin Fowler
Reese Dixon
Preston Parish
Gary Dayter
Mike Coombs
Skyler Zimmerman
Brianna Richmond
Shane Funke
Ryan Gibson
Mac Stoughton
Chuck Westphal
Tony Luce
Fred A
Dimitri Karakis
Chloe Lawrence
Ragnar Olafson
Colby Dean
Mark Mirasol
Brian Collins
Amanda Rickenbaugh
Michael Theodorou
Raymond Dales
Adam James
Daniel Abarca
Caci Budde
Tim Haggard
Ben Paultre