2022: International Knife Throwing Day | World Knife Throwing League

2022: International Knife Throwing Day

This day is dedicated to those around the globe who share our passion for knife throwing. The members of the World Knife Throwing League have this goal in mind—to raise awareness of the activity and sport. While knife throwing has been around for many years, we’ve been able to bring this activity to the mainstream on ESPN and across WKTL affiliated venues!

This sport is seriously fun and offbeat—it’s an inclusive activity everyone can enjoy.

This year to help get more people out throwing knives, we’re doing an online challenge!

Who Can Stack the Most Knives on the Target

For this challenge, we’ll be looking for people to make a video of them throwing as many knives into the 5 or 6 point zone on the target within 30 seconds with no retrieval.

That’s it!

Anyone can compete and we’ll be awarding a prize to the person who can get the most knives in! Rules for entry and the competition below.

The Rules

  • Only WKTL approved knives can be used.
  • Thrower can throw from any distance but no closer than 10ft to the target.
  • Targets must be WKTL Standard Targets, measurements can be found in the WKTL Rules.
  • Throwers are allowed multiple attempts but may only submit 1 video for the competition
  • All Throws must be recorded on video.
    • Video must show fault line within the frame.
  • Video Submission
    • All Throws must be submitted on International Axe Throwing Day (September 8th, 2022) ending 11:59 PM in the respective time zone.
    • Submissions must be on posted Tiktok, Instagram or the WKTL Facebook group
      • List how many knives were stacked in the video description.
    • Submissions must tag the WKTL official page on whichever platform the submission is made on and use the hashtag #IKTD2022
  • The Winner will receive a Gen 1. Yellow Goliath Backpack and will be announced on September 9th.

Any questions about the competition can be sent directly to WKTL@worldknifefthrowingleague.com

Lastly, we have some other exciting things going on to celebrate the day!

Lots of fun is happening for this awesome day so we hope to see you out there throwing!