64 Throwers

$6,250 Prize Pool

The WKTL US Open will have an independent two-hour ESPN Broadcast

The US OPEN is taking place on July 15th and 17th in Minneapolis, MN.

US Open events will be hosted at BAD AXE Throwing.

This page will be the primary resource for all US Open information and will be updated as more information is released.

Please see the sections below:

  • Qualifying for the US Open
  • Submission Timelines
  • Player Fees
  • WATL US Open

Information regarding Event Scheduling, US Open Jerseys, Hotel Accommodations will be released shortly.

How to Compete

There are three ways to gain a bid for the US Open

WKTC Placement + WKTL Winter League Placement

The top 8 WKTC competitors will get invitations to the WKTL US Open.

Additionally, the top 8 Winter Season leaderboard throwers who did not already have a bid through WKTC 2021, will receive a WKTL 2022 US Open invitation.

If any invited thrower cannot attend, their spots will be converted into additional lottery draws.

Open Lottery

This will be open for anyone to submit to play in the US Open. All Open Lottery spots will be decided randomly in a draw on April 7th.

There are no requirements to enter, the lottery will be available to everyone.

All Open Lottery spots will be decided randomly in a draw on Thursday, April 7th.

Only one lottery submission per thrower will be accepted.

Subsequent entries will be removed from the lottery consideration.

The Open Lottery will close on March 28th at 11:59 PM EST.

The Lottery is now closed.

There will be 64 Competitors in the US Open

48 Open Lottery Spots


Top 8 Placements in WKTC

Alan Thompson
Andy Rice
Joe Flaugher
Kev Fang
Michael Dixon
Mikel Philabaum
Shane Shepard
Travis Blank

Top 8 Placements in WKTL Winter Leauge

Austin Bock
Benjamin Edgington
Joe Ritacco
John Doepke
Kyle Rickenbaugh
Lucas Johnson
Ray Siochowicz
Tyler Flynn


33rd on ESPN$700
43rd on ESPN$700
54th on ESPN$400
64th on ESPN$400
74th on ESPN$400
84th on ESPN$400


$115 Per Thrower 


Lottery Submissions Open

March 14th – 12 PM EST

Lottery Submissions Close

March 28th – 11:59 PM EST

Lottery Draw

April 7th

Tune in LIVE at 3pm EST

Final Day for Sponsor Submissions

Available below and through the US Open Player Portal

May 2nd – 11:59 PM EST

Final Day for Jersey Orders

Available through the US Open Player Portal

June 1st – 11:59 PM EST

Jersey Guidelines

A 2022 US Open jersey is required to compete in the WKTL US Open. 2022 US Open WKTL jerseys will be provided free of charge to all WKTL US Open Competitors, and a 2022 US Open jersey is required to compete in the WKTL US Open. 

The WKTL US Open jersey will be separate from the WATL US Open jersey.

Throwers will be allowed to place sponsors on their jerseys as long those sponsors meet the standards set for television broadcasts. 

Identical sponsors may be used on both WATL and WKTL jerseys and may be submitted together. 

Please submit your sponsor approvals if you plan on attending the US Open, even if you have not secured a spot through the lottery. 

WKTL will follow the same rules and regulations as WATL jersey sponsorship and you can read about those in the link below.

To submit your sponsors, please use the link below.

Final Day for Sponsor Submissions

May 2nd – 11:59 PM EST


The WATL US Open will be running concurrently with the WKTL US Open.

Click the link to find out how to qualify.

WKTL will follow all local Covid guidelines.