2022 World Knife Throwing Champions

Knife throwers over the year have been elevating this sport to a whole new level. We’ve been hard at work this year making a knife throwing sport at everyone can compete in and we’re happy to say we’ve had over triple the players compete in 2022 from 2021. It’s been a monumental year for knife throwing and it all came to a head with the 2022 World Knife Throwing Championship hosted in Appleton, Wisconsin at the Fox Cities Exhibition Center. It’s there we had 128 competitors throw down to name 8 finalists to head to ESPN. And of those finalists, we’re very proud to announce that the 2022 World Knife Throwing Champion is

Mike Kump

Mike had an amazing performance over the weekend but in addition to him, all of the ESPN finalists were nothing short of masters of the craft. Congratulations to the rest of the top 8 knife throwers in the world.

Tony Luce
Tyler Flynn
Dustin Knight
Travis Blank
Kyle Rickenbaugh
Sebastian Arnold
Manny Kohl

All of these throwers are shining examples of this sport and we are looking to see them in the future taking on league and tournament wins!

Be on the lookout to see how you too can compete and earn your spot in the 2023 World Knife Throwing Championship! For now you can get started in your local league but check out all of our affiliated venues! Is there an axe or knife house nearby that isn’t affiliated yet? Let them know we’d love to have them!