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A sharp knife is nothing
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Unifying the sport of knife throwing

Our vision is to prove that knife throwing isn't just a unique experience; it can be a competitive sport. We want to unite knife throwing facilities from around the world under one professional knife throwing association. Collaboration is what sets WKTL apart from our competitors. Our all-inclusive approach brings these facilities together and allows them the forum and voice to communicate with each other to establish standardized rules and regulations for this sport.

Inception Of the World Knife Throwing League

The WKTL was founded by Mario Zelaya and formalized by the staff of the World Axe Throwing League (WATL) to bring an ancient pastime into the modern world. The World Knife Throwing League is the governing body for the sport of knife throwing.

WKTL's goals & objectives

The World Knife Throwing League is not here to promote a single brand or image. WKTL is here to promote the sport of knife throwing as a whole while bringing together all knife throwing clubs from around the world. We seek to standardize the sport of knife throwing - from official league rules, the points tracking system, safety protocols, knife throwing techniques, and everything in between. The prime directive of WKTL this year is to achieve the unprecedented; to host the first-ever worldwide knife throwing tournament!

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Competition Throwing Knives

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WKTL Jersey Guide: 2022 World Knife Throwing Championships

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