A sharp knife is nothing
without a sharp eye

Unifying the sport of knife throwing

Our vision is to prove that knife throwing isn't just a unique experience; it can be a competitive sport. We want to unite knife throwing facilities from around the world under one professional knife throwing association. Collaboration is what sets WKTL® apart from our competitors. Our all-inclusive approach brings these facilities together and allows them the forum and voice to communicate with each other to establish standardized rules and regulations for this sport.

WKTL's goals & objectives

The World Knife Throwing League® is not here to promote a single brand or image. WKTL® is here to promote the sport of knife throwing as a whole while bringing together all knife throwing clubs from around the world. We seek to standardize the sport of knife throwing - from official league rules, the points tracking system, safety protocols, knife throwing techniques, and everything in between. The prime directive of WKTL® this year is to achieve the unprecedented; to host the first-ever worldwide knife throwing tournament!

World Knife Throwing Champions


Lucas Johnson

World Knife Throwing Champion

Murfreesboro Axe


Mike Kump

World Knife Throwing Champion

Angry Jack’s Axe Throwing Club


Mike Philabaum

World Knife Throwing Champion

Mountain Man Axe Throwing

International Knife Throwing Day

September 8th

The World Knife Throwing League® runs International KnifeThrowing Day®. This Day is for everyone around the globe who share our passion for knife throwing. The World Knife Throwing League® celebrates International Knife Throwing Day® to raise awareness and unify knife throwing as a bonafide sport. As fun and offbeat as this sport is - Knife Throwing is an inclusive activity everyone can enjoy. We bring together all WKTL® Knife Throwing Clubs from around the world to celebrate the sport.

wktl® commissioner evan walters

After joining the axe throwing community at the beginning of the World Axe Throwing League (WATL®) in 2017, Evan saw the potential of throwing sports and knew that the goal of the World Axe Throwing League would benefit, not just axe enthusiasts, but the professional sports community as well. Working tirelessly to see the sport grow after being brought on as Commissioner of WATL in early 2018, he has helped take throwing sports from a few locations in North America to the worldwide stage we see today, as well as national household reach with ESPN while also working on other projects such as the World Knife Throwing League. In 2020 taking advantage of the league's downtime, Evan stepped down from his position as the Commissioner of the WATL to focus solely on the development for the World Knife Throwing League until its launch in 2021.

Evan Walters

Do you have an knife throwing facility?

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