International Knife Throwing Day 2021

September 8th will mark the first annual International Knife Throwing Day. To celebrate, WKTL is a hosting an unprecedented event:

Open Qualifiers for 32 Spots for the World Knife Throwing Championship

These Qualifiers will be running from Aug 22 – Sun Sep 5, 2021

The World Knife Throwing Championships will be held over the weekend of December 10th -12 in Fort Worth Texas.

Second to only the World Knife Throwing Championships themselves, International Knife Throwing Day will be the biggest knife throwing event of the year.

We will be announcing the winners of the WKTC Spots on September 8th – International Knife Throwing Day.

To Submit Qualifying Throws

  • Throwers do not need to have played in a WKTL League to participate in these Qualifying Throws.
  • All throws must follow WKTL Rules.
  • Throws must be completed at a Sanctioned WKTL venue
  • All scores must be submitted on or before the deadline of September 5th.
  • Open Qualifiers will consist of 50 throws
    • Alternating Throwing Distances after 5 throws.
      • Shots 1-5 at 10ft, 6-10 at 15ft
    • Mandatory Killshot on every 5th and 10th throw
      • Standard league play of open Killshots does not apply
    • 10 overtime Killshot throws (used as tie-breakers)
      • 5 overtime Killshot throws must be done first at 10 ft then 5 throws at 15 ft
    • As per current rules, each knife is retreived before the next throw is scored.
    • We will only accept scores and submissions using the official scoring app.
  • WKTL Venues are free to hold Open Qualifiers throws whenever is most convenient from Sun Aug 29 – Sun Sep 5, 2021.
    • Venues are responsible for communicating scheduled times to their patrons, throwers or interested parties.
  • Throwers will be allowed only one score submission. Scores will be submitted via the WKTL web-app by a certified WKTL judge.
    • Self scoring is not permitted, for any reason.
  • All throws must be recorded on video as backup. This is the responsibility of the thrower, venues are encouraged to help facilitate this. Videos must conform to the stated format:
    • During each throw the thrower, fault line, and target must be visible.
    • Players must stay behind the fault line and wait for their score to be called before crossing.
    • Certified Judges MUST speak in a loud, clear and concise voice, indicating the score of that throw.
      • If WKTL can not audit the score, we will not be able to accept the submission.
    • Videos of qualifying throws will be uploaded via YouTube or Google Drive link and submitted directly to no later than September 6th at 7:59 AM (EST). Any videos submitted after the deadline will be disqualified.

For any questions or clarifications on the Open Qualifiers, please email us directly at