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WKTL works tirelessly to better the sport and industry of Knife Throwing through marketing campaigns, televised events, and public exposure. We exist to bring the sport of Knife Throwing further into the mainstream and create a long-lasting industry. We offer strategic partnerships to keep your operating costs down, improved safety standards by creating a baseline for all Knife Throwing locations, staff training, and even more incredible opportunities.

What are the Benefits of Being A WKTL Affiliated Venue?

As you navigate this webpage, you will be able to get an in depth view of all the benefits that come with WKTL affiliation.

WKTL Membership is a mark of quality for your venue, it allows you to access exclusive discounts and allows your venue to integrate into a global competition - allowing you to offer a higher level of competition and gaining a dedicated following.

WKTL® Membership Benefits

Discounted Purchase of WKTL® Certified Knives, Target Stencils, Markers and Merchandise

  • WKTL® manufactures and sells knives, target stencils, and markers via the online store to the public.
  • WKTL® offers all these products at a discount for Affiliates to help save costs on day-to-day operations.
  • Merchandise and WKTL® knives are also available at a discount allowing affiliates to sell at a markup for additional revenue.
  • If you reach the threshold of purchases in the WKTL Affiliate store during a calendar year, your venue fees will be waived for 12 months!

Social Media

  • WKTL® helps promote Affiliates on social media through notable posts directly from Affiliates and announcements on official WKTL® social media channels
  • Public recognition of Affiliates on all public forums when possible
  • All Affiliates are listed on the searchable WKTL® membership database/map on the official World Knife Throwing League® website

Access to scoring software

  • WKTL® has the most advanced knife throwing software on the market
  • The app helps Affiliates facilitate official WKTL® leagues and tournaments
  • League players can track their progress each season using in-app statistics
  • League players can also utilize the free practice scoring simulation from their player profiles
  • Global and local rankings let players track their progress and standing on a local and international level
  • The App team is developing new features daily to better serve our Affiliates and throwers!

Participation in WKTL® Sanctioned Leagues and Events Including the World Knife Throwing Championships

  • Participating in league play helps build a fan base and a community around Affiliate venues for repeat customers
  • Players come back season after season to compete against local competitors and across the world on the global leaderboards
  • WKTL® offers three league play options to maximize the efficiency & revenue potential of each league
    • Standard League
    • Duals (Where 2 participants throw an knife, at the same time, at the same target)
  • Players from each venue who attend WKTL® sanctioned tournaments also have a chance to represent your location on our broadcasts

Exclusive Programs

  • Certified Coach Program: The WKTL® Coach Certification is the best resource to help you or your staff become the best coaches possible. You will review: knife knowledge, customer service, safety, knife care & maintenance, knife throwing techniques and more.
  • Certified Judge Program: The Certified Judge program will assist the standardization of leagues. All judges will be added to an international database and be registered online to show your venue is official as well. They are business owners and/or individuals that have extensive experience running an knife throwing facility, including backend functions as well as superior knowledge of the sport.

Discount on Insurance

  • WKTL® is the exclusive partner of the largest knife throwing insurer in the world and Affiliates access member-only discounted rates
  • As WKTL® continues to gain more Affiliates, WKTL® will continue to negotiate the lowest rate possible in the industry for members
Axe Throwing Insurance

Operational Support

  • Headed by the Commissioner of the World Knife Throwing League®, Evan Walters, WKTL® aims to give each Affiliate many resources to assist each venue by providing the best possible quality experience for guests

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