New Jersey Partnership – Flight Faction

WKTL is thrilled to announce our new jersey sponsor, Flight Faction, who will now be our official jersey provider! This collaboration brings with it a myriad of advantages for our affiliates and players alike. Flight Faction is renowned for its commitment to excellence and attention to detail, offering jerseys crafted from high-quality materials that ensure both comfort and durability on the throwing line.

About Flight Faction

“A faction is defined as a small, organized, dissenting group within a larger one. I created this brand as a small and organized alternative to the larger counterparts. I don’t plan on staying small for long, but my origin and mission won’t change. Flight Faction creates professional looking apparel at a cost that won’t break your bank.

Times can be tough, that shouldn’t impact how you look, or the way you feel. Flight Faction is geared towards players that want to look good, compete comfortably and know that they are getting the best price. You’ve got other things to worry about, your look shouldn’t be one of them.”

Jake Schreiber
Flight Faction Owner & Founder

Jake is based out of Minnesota and the owner, has been playing darts on and off since his college days. After college, he started a career in graphic design, art direct, and eventually a creative services manager. After 15 years in the field, he went back to school to become a web developer. Flight Faction is his passion project; he loves to design jerseys, darts, dart cases, hats, logos, and anything dart related that he can. We are excited to be partner with Jake and his company, and to have them expand into the knife throwing world!

Why We Chose Flight Faction

Flight Faction goes the extra mile by incorporating side vent panels into their jerseys. These panels not only provide enhanced breathability but also add an extra touch of style and flair. The jerseys are designed to be both functional and fashionable, ensuring that our players not only perform their best but also look their best while doing so.

One of the most notable features that Flight Faction brings to the table is their user-friendly design tool. This innovative tool allows our affiliates and players to unleash their creativity and customize their jerseys to reflect their individual styles and identities. With a plethora of options at their fingertips, including various collar and sleeve choices, individuals can truly make their jerseys a representation of their personality and team spirit. Affiliates and players can create their custom designs using Flight Faction’s platform and witness the changes in real-time through the Locker Room Tool. This seamless integration eliminates the need for guesswork and allows for instant feedback and adjustments.

Flight Faction will be providing complementary jerseys to all competitors for the 2023 USA Pro-Am Championship and WKTC 7. This sponsorship will bring a wealth of benefits to our league; our affiliates and players now have access to high-quality jerseys crafted from top-notch materials, along with a user-friendly design tool that allows for almost limitless customization. Flight Faction has truly raised the bar for jersey providers in the knife throwing community. We couldn’t be more excited about this collaboration and look forward to seeing our athletes donning their personalized Flight Faction jerseys on the throwing line, representing their venues with pride!