Open Qualifiers – WKTC III

12:01 AM EST December 15, 2023


11:59 PM EST January 14, 2024

It is highly recommended that all players who do not secure a WKTC bid participate in Qualifying Throws.

Bids will be released starting on December 11.

There are 32 entries available for WKTC Open Qualifiers.

For each discipline, the top verified scores will earn a bid to the world championship.

Open Qualifiers for the WKTC III will abide by the following structure:

  • Qualifiers will run from 12:01 AM EST December 15, 2023 – 11:59 PM EST January 14, 2024.
  • All who wish to participate may do so, there are no eligibility requirements. 
  • Qualifying Throws take place in person at a WKTL venue to qualify players for WKTC.
  • Throwers will be allowed only one scored submission per discipline.
  • Scores will be submitted via the WKTL App by a certified WKTL judge.
    • Self-scoring is not permitted, for any reason. Any thrower found to be scoring themselves will be disqualified.
  • Qualifying Throws
    • Qualifiers will consist of 50 throws
      • The first set of 5 throws will be from the 10ft fault line (1 spin), then the next set of 5 throws will be from the 15ft fault line (2 spin). Then back to the 10ft line (1 spin), rotating back and forth between the two distances every 5 throws.
      • Knives will be retrieved on the 3rd and 5th throws of each 5-throw set.
    • Mandatory Killshot on every 5th throw
      • Standard league play of open Killshots does not apply, Killshots do not have to be alternated
      • Killshots will be all-or-nothing similar to the WATL style of throwing. If the Killshot is missed, the score is marked as 0.
    • 10 overtime Killshot throws (used as tie-breakers)
      • Killshots do not have to be alternated
      • Overtime Killshots may be thrown from the 10ft fault line (1 spin)
      • Knives will be retrieved after every throw
    • As an example, this is how a set of QTs should look:
      • Throws 1-3 — 1 spin, retrieve
      • Throw 4 — 1 spin
      • Throw 5 — 1 spin Killshot, retrieve
      • Throws 6-8 — 2 spin, retrieve
      • Throw 9 — 2 spin
      • Throw 10 — 2 spin Killshot, retrieve
      • Repeat the process 5 times
      • 10 OT throws at Killshots only, retrieval after each throw
  • For Throwers that do not have a WKTL venue readily accessible, or are not within a 2-hour travel distance between your primary residence and your closest participating WKTL venue, please contact WKTL via email for information on Qualifiers.
  • Throws must be scored using the WKTL official targets. No exceptions.
  • All throws must be recorded on video (this is the responsibility of the thrower, venues are encouraged to help facilitate this). Videos must conform to the stated format:
    • It will be required in your submitted video to show the App being opened at the beginning of your qualifying attempt. At the end of the qualifying attempt, your video must show the scores being posted to the leaderboard.
    • During each throw, the thrower (head to toe), fault line, and target must be visible.
    • Players must stay behind the fault line and wait for their score to be called before crossing.
    • Certified Judges MUST speak in a loud, clear, and concise voice, indicating the score of that throw.
    • Refer to this video for correct camera placement.
  • Videos will be uploaded via the form below no later than 11:59 PM EST on January 16, 2024.
    • Any videos submitted after the deadline will be disqualified from receiving entry.
    • ALL VIDEOS MUST BE SUBMITTED VIA THE FORM. Any videos not submitted via the form will not be considered.

Video submission information:

  • Videos must be uploaded into a shareable link such as Google Drive, Dropbox, YouTube, etc, the link is what will be submitted via this form
    • If using services like Google Drive or Dropbox, turn on sharing for all viewers
    • If using YouTube, make sure there is no background music that could be flagged for royalties. Valid videos must have sound, and YouTube may mute your video if the music is flagged.
  • If videos are submitted in multiple parts, all links pertaining to that video must be uploaded together. There will be an option for this in the form.
  • Each thrower must have their video submitted independently.
  • Must submit the name of the Certified Judge who scored the qualifying throws

For information on the Open Qualifiers for the World Axe Throwing League, check here.