Spring 2022 Rules Update

We want to bring a few changes for the upcoming Spring League to the attention of all throwers.

Since our previous rules update, we have received a lot of constructive community feedback and noted further improvements that will make WKTL a faster, unique and more engaging sport.

There will be a conscious effort to meter out rule changes as we advance, but it is developing quickly since the league is new.

Spring League will mark the introduction of throwing multiple knives in a set during League play.

With this change, a few other rules have been augmented to provide consistency:

Spring Rule Updates

  1. Throwing Multiple Knives
  2. Updated Fault Rules
  3. Redefining the ‘Break’
  4. New Killshot Rules
  5. Updated to the WKTL Target

Throwing Multiple Knives

It has always been the intention of WKTL to throw multiple knives, and we are happy to announce that this will be starting in the Spring Season. 

Five throws per side will now be broken into two sets of throws: a set of three throws, followed by two throws. 

Sudden Death will remain a single knife throw. 

The affected section: Section C, Gameplay, 2


The rule regarding multiple knives in a set also necessitated a change in how faults are judged.

The affected section: Section C, Faults


Killshots no longer need to be called; no other rules surrounding the Killshot have changed. There are still two available Kills per 10 throw match, with a third available in case of a drop.

Affected section: Section D: Scoring, Points, 3: Killshot Throw

All rules referencing calling Killshots have been omitted from the rules

Redefining Scoring

With multiple knives in play, we had to consider corner cases when knives are grouped and can not be defined as a ‘break,’ identifying both sides of the blade. 

The solution was to move away from the ‘break’ and introduce ‘the touch.’

Now the scoring area of the knife needs to touch a valid scoring area of the board to score.

Affected section: Section D, Technicalities, 2

Updating The WKTL Target

The final major update is that WKTL Targets will be moving to only one bullseye.

Watching the sport progress, we have noticed that these additional bullseyes were seldom used in gameplay. However, with the addition of multiple knives and the updated ‘touch’ rule – the single bullseye will create an extra challenge. 

Affected Section: Section H: Targets, Target Design

Formatting Updates

There were formatting adjustments to keep like rules together and update for clarity with these rule changes. 

WKTL highly recommends all throwers review the updated WKTL Rules before the Spring Season. 

Our previous rules have been archived and can be accessed via the Rules Change Log for added transparency.

For any questions, don’t hesitate to get in touch with wktl@worldknifethrowingleague.com