WKTC 2021 Brackets

We’re happy to announce the official brackets for the 2021 WKTC.

We would like to thank all the throwers for their drive, dedication and determination that got them into the most fierce competition of the year.

Please make sure to get your appropriate venues on time and be cognizant of the check-in process.

WKTL Bracket Placements

Check-in and Warm-Up Time:

December 10th, 2021

11:00 am – 11:45 am

Circle Bracket

Bad Axe Throwing

You can find the detailed breakdown of the brackets here

Steve Middleton
Ray Siochowicz
Ragnar Olafson
Benjamin Fowler
Travis Blank
Brandon Johnson
Dimitri Karakis
Brianna Richmond
Fred A
Colby Dean
Tyler Flynn
Michael Theodorou
Tom Sling Blade Corey
Mike Coombs
Billy Erkelens
Trent Lilly
Raymond Stingray Dales
Ryan Gimli Gibson
Dustin Rose
Josh Westphal
Chuck Westphal
Mikel Philabaum
Dale Fowler
Brett Williamson
James Ruddy
Vail Cook
Joe Flaugher
Tony Loose Luce
Kev Fang

Square Bracket

Fort Worth Axe Factory

You can find the detailed breakdown of the brackets here

John Doepke
Scott Gardner
Alan Thompson
Mac Stoughton
Scott Phillips
Austin Bock
Mark Mirasol
Brian Collins
Shane Shepard
Joshua Taylor
Kyle Rickenbaugh
Lucas Johnson
Michael Dixon
Reese Dixon
Gary Dragon Dayter
Michael Dolan
Shane Funke
Caci Budde
Amanda Rickenbaugh
Jonny Tran
Brian Buchanan
Daniel Abarca
Ben Paultre
Mat MEAT Ball
Andy Rice
Preston Parish
Chloe Lawrence
Shane Feikema
Bradley Cole