WKTC Open Qualifier Winners

World Knife Throwing League is pleased to announce the Open Qualifier Bid Winners for 32 Spots for the World Knife Throwing Championships.

Today, September 8th, marks the inaugural International Knife Throwing Day.

International Knife Throwing Day celebrates the WKTL Community and we are excited to see it grow in future years.

To celebrate the 2021 International Knife Throwing Day, we are announcing 32 Spots to the World Knife Throwing Championships.

The World Knife Throwing Championships will be held over the weekend of December 10th -12 in Fort Worth, Texas.

Bid Winners for 32 Spots for the World Knife Throwing Championships

  1. Austin Bock
  2. Kev Fang
  3. Billy Erkelens
  4. Lucas Johnson
  5. John Doepke
  6. Scott Phillips
  7. Shane Feikema
  8. Mat Ball
  9. Benjamin Fowler
  10. Vail Cook
  11. Brian Buchanan
  12. Reese Dixon
  13. Preston Parish
  14. Gary Dayter
  15. Mike Coombs
  16. Skyler Zimmerman
  17. Brianna Richmond
  18. Shane Funke
  19. Ryan Gibson
  20. Mac Stoughton
  21. Chuck Westphal
  22. Tony Luce
  23. Alan Thompson
  24. Josh Westphal
  25. Fred A
  26. Dimitri Karakis
  27. Andy Rice
  28. Chloe Lawrence
  29. Ragnar Olafson
  30. Colby Dean
  31. Mark Mirasol
  32. Brian Collins

Still More Opportunities for WKTC Bids

There are still ways to win a bid to the 2021 WKTC.

We will be taking the 11 top competitors from the upcoming Fall Season, based on the criteria outlined in the WKTL Rules.

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