WKTL Commissioner Program

From the desk of Evan Walters,

The past two years of knife throwing have been extremely fun and extremely challenging. That was to be expected starting a new style of knife-throwing sport. We’ve worked extremely hard to bring something fun for everyone to participate in and we’ve certainly learned a lot as well. I’m extremely proud of the time and effort of everyone who’s worked for WKTL to grow it and especially the players who have really pushed themselves to greater skill every time I see them. 

That being said, we’ve been thinking a lot about how best we can continue the grow the sport and keep it exciting a fresh for everyone involved. So I’m happy to announce that I’ve signed off on a new Commissioner Program for WKTL.

We’ve decided that in selecting a new Commissioner we wanted something that would make sure that they would understand the game better than anyone else in the world. So this program will allow the best player in the world to help guide the sport in the direction it needs to go. We’ve decided that the Commissioner position will be chosen annually by who earns the title of World Knife Throwing Champion. While I’ve been honored to be the first Commissioner of the World Knife Throwing League but I’m very pleased to foster this new Commissioner to help guide the sport toward new exciting heights. Starting June 1st, I’m happy to announce that Mike Kump will take over as the World Knife Throwing League Commissioner.

For anyone who may not know who Mike Kump is, he is a throwing sports veteran being on many ESPN broadcasts as a competitor for the World Axe Throwing League and World Knife Throwing League over the years as well as the color commentator for ESPN as of last year. He is the 2022 World Knife Throwing Champion and with our new Commissioner program, he’s earned the title of Commissioner as well. 

What does that mean for me? While I’m not going to be actively involved in managing the sport, I’ll certainly be here to help guide and foster Mike in his new role. I’ll continue as the Director of operations for both the World Axe Throwing League as our operations continue to grow so I’ll be helping out and lending my years of experience in the field where it’s needed most.  With that, I’ll leave you all with some words from our incoming Commissioner, Mike Kump!

Seasons Greetings, WKTL Community. I’m honored to be taking on this new opportunity. I will do everything in my power to drive the sport forward this coming year. If you have concerns or questions, you’re in luck. The decision making process is now clearly laid out. As my idol Rick Flair says “To be the man, you’ve gotta beat the man, and I am the man.” So if you have problems with future decisions, I’m all ears, and will do my best to take all viewpoints in.  But if you’re still not satisfied with the results, this one simple trick will work: Win Worlds 🙂

– Mike Kump, 2023

For more information, please see the full announcement here. April Fools!