World Knife Throwing Championship III - 2024 | World Knife Throwing League

The 3rd World KnifeThrowing Championship in Tulsa, Oklahoma is officially wrapped! Congratulations to everyone who was there to make it as special as it was, especially the winners.

It was a weekend showcasing the very best of the best, and as for the champions, they truly earned their spots in this sport's history. These individuals, and so many more, have put thousands of hours, and millions of throws, into achieving what they did this weekend. Their dedication to excellence is something to be admired and recognized.

We cannot WAIT to see what next year brings, and in the meantime, congratulations, and well-earned. The eyes of the world are on you, and you deserve it!

World Knife Throwing Champion - Lucas Johnson

2nd Place - Sebastian Arnold

Third Place - Dylan Teets & TJ Shultz

It would be a mistake not to recognize those individuals that may not have won this time, but have in the past and will in the future. This sport comes down to the closest margins, and the win could have easily gone to any of these individuals, and so many more. A huge congrats for their accomplishments and stellar performances!

Be on the lookout to see how you too can compete and earn your spot in the World Knife Throwing Championship VIII! For now, you can get started in your local league but check out all of our affiliated venues! Is there a knife house nearby that isn't affiliated yet? Let them know we'd love to have them!

2023 World Knife Throwing League Community Awards

Congratulations to all the incredibly talented throwers and venue owners who took home awards this year, at the WATC 2024 Gala.

Recognizing excellence in our sport is important, not only for the highest performance achieving athletes but the venues and individuals that give of themselves without a second thought. Our awards only capture a small fraction of our vast and giving community in that regard.

Jack of All Blades

These awards are for the best of the best in all categories of throwing between the World Axe Throwing League AND the World Knife Throwing League. They competed consistently at the highest level all year long in all official throwing disciplines and because of that, they were awarded the Jack of all Blades award for 2023.

Bronze - Dylan Teets

Silver - Tyler Flynn

Gold - Lucas Johnson

Congratulations to all the winners this year! To see who won awards and placements in the World Axe Throwing Championship check out their website here.