World Knife Throwing League Council

WKTL would like to introduce, and welcome, the new World Knife Throwing League Council Members, recently appointed by the Commissioner of the World Knife Throwing League.

The purpose of the Council is to advise WKTL on matters pertaining to the sport of knife throwing. Council members represent a wide range of views and experiences within the sport. It consists of venue owners and throwers with a wide range of skill and experience levels.

WKTL consults with the Council on matters such as rules updates, player discipline, tournament formats (WKTL hosted or otherwise) and the evolution of the sport as a whole. The views and perspectives that the Council represents serve to help WKTL see angles that they may not otherwise have considered when making game and sport-related critical decisions.

Without further ado, WKTL would like to welcome (in no particular order):

Austin Bock

Austin is a well-known, and well-respected member of the community. Making his appearance on the 2022 US Open on ESPN, he’s a huge force promoting knife throwing to the community as well as consistently a top competitor in other, major tournaments, he brings excellent expertise and knowledge to bear.

Ray J Siochowicz

Ray is a carpenter by trade hailing from Canada. In addition to knife throwing, he has expertise in other sports such as organizing and competing in the Scottish Highland Games. He brings a lot of first-hand, outside experiences and perspectives to the table as knife throwing continues to grow.

Lucas Johnson

Lucas is the owner/operator of Murfreesboro Axe in Tennessee. In addition to venue experience, Lucas is also well known and respected in the Escape Room community and will bring a lot of that knowledge to helping WKTL support affiliates. If that was not enough, Lucas is a very accomplished competitive thrower (3 x World Axe Throwing League Champion in Duals) and one of the most experienced tournament competitors in the past couple of years. That will all serve to better inform his unique perspective on the evolution of the game.

Tyler Flynn

Tyler is well known in the community for so many things, not the least of which was forming and operating the Global Team Throwdown which brought teams from across North America and the WORLD together during the height of COVID lockdowns. Tyler is also a high-performing competitive thrower and has developed a love of creating unique throwing games. If that were not enough, he is also a purveyor of quality spreadsheets, stats, and data analytics.

Mike Kump

Mike Kump is well known in the axe throwing community for being an expert thrower being featured on ESPN many times, but he has recently shocked the throwing world with his amazing display of knife throwing at the World Knife Throwing Championship searching him the 2022 Knife throwing Champion Title. When he’s not being a Project Engineer by day you can find him participating in a myriad of throwing sports and even has two 300 games in bowling!

WKTL is looking forward to the unique perspectives that each of these new members brings to the Council, as well as their community connections which will help form their positions on topics on which the Council engages.