World Knife Throwing League Founded by WATL

Welcome to the birth of the World Knife Throwing League. A standard globalized league for knife throwers brought to you by the team at the World Axe Throwing League. As operations begin and the WKTL starts official leagues headed into 2021 we look to bring the same professionalism, skills and support to the knife throwers that has already been observed by the axe throwing community for the past three years.

All members of the WATL have automatically been enrolled in the WKTL as well. This means any WATL ready facilities will be on the fast track for their patrons to participate in knife throwing leagues and events as we continue to work with the best insurance company in the business to get facilities covered.

The World Knife Throwing League emerged as we noticed a lack of unifying body in the sport of knife throwing. With several leagues spread across the world with differing rulesets we felt the community needed a true governing body. Along with the interest from many members of the axe throwing community and WATL we expect the launch of the WKTL to allow for an explosion of popularity for the sport.

We’re excited for competition to begin early next year with play that will feel familiar to existing World Axe Throwing League competitors. We’ll be introducing some additional requirements to keep skill level high and apply a refreshing take to the WATL format. We’re aware that the skill level of existing professional knife throwers is extremely high and have looked to create a system that will allow them to continue to show off that skill.

For a full list of rules check out the WKTL Official Rules Page.

Stay tuned for more updates and information as we continue to build out events, leagues and more for the remainder of the year and into 2021.